Tenents of recovery


the road to recovery...

There is no such thing. People from all cultures, beliefs, backgrounds, races, ages, and genders are affected by these problems. Every person is different and should be treated with that in mind. This is why we use the modified therapeutic community model (MTC). This system of recovery varies on the individual basis. It takes into consideration one’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as the things they are struggling to overcome. By focusing on the individual and their ability to transform, we help people change their lives.

The place one lives is a major factor of recovery. A safe living environment filled with positive relations helps one to thrive. Buckner’s Place gives one a living space with shared with others who are going through similar problems, but are at different places in their recovery. This leads to a fully understanding and supportive atmosphere.

Every part of one’s life affects the recovery process. Recovery is more than sobriety, it’s creating mental, emotional, social, and financial stability. Buckner’s Place helps its residents grow and develop in each of these areas until they are self-reliant.  

One must accept reality to improve their life. It is a necessity to be brutally honest with oneself, with one’s history, with one’s mistakes, and what one really wants their life to be. One must accept their past and know it doesn’t tie down their future. One must understand their mistakes and learn how to avoid repeating them. One must figure out what truly makes them happy and pursue it, so to give them a true satisfaction with their life. This aspect of recovery is one of the steps Buckner’s Place most focuses on.

Change can only happen when one decides to change for one's self. When a person internalizes the need to change their life they can do it. Buckner’s Place provides the tools to change one’s life, it’s up to the person to take advantage of it and make that change.