life at buckner's place



Buckner’s Place provides a nurturing community. The physical settings of the home helps residents disengage from the people, places, and things associated with their previous lifestyle.

Residents are provided with meals, housing, medical, dental care, social, and legal services so that they are not preoccupied with the pressures of providing for their daily needs during their recovery process.

Buckner’s Place structures a community with a family-like atmosphere allowing residents to heal emotionally and build friendships, which helps to change their lifestyle and self-identity.

Residents are required to participate in the daily caring of the home and to abide by rules. Through caring for the home and following rules, residents gradually learn to maintain a physically and psychologically safe community. A safe and predictable community that allows personal growth and recovery to occur.

Buckner’s Place residential communities support the individual change process. A sense of security lessens the likelihood that a resident will drop out of the program and will continue his recovery.