No “typical” resident exists. People from all walks of life and all cultures come for Recovery. Regardless of faith, creed, gender, or age, Buckner’s Place believes that the recovery process is best achieved when residents work on behavioral, emotional and social well-being collectively. Our program is a non-judgmental, holistic, all-encompassing concept of recovery as a means to improve quality of life for individuals.

The Buckner’s Place program has evolved to serve an ever-increasing range of special populations with co-occurring disorders, substance abusers, people with HIV/aids, the homeless, and those in the criminal justice system.

At its core, the philosophy of the recovery process embraces and encourages all people’s ability for change and personal transformation. The Buckner’s Place program is based upon faith, clinical, therapeutic and evidence-based practices (EBP). This approach gives our residents the best chance to achieve their personal recovery goals.