Our residents

In the words of those we serve...


Rodney E. Siner

"Living at Buckner’s Place has been courageous experience keeping clean and sober and my illness management for 6 months stay. I have improved myself to be better person, and in hope I’ve have been an influence to others. Living here has been a real blessing."

Joshua Holman

"It’s a nice place to live! They encourage you to be positive, and goal orientated. To be mentally healthy, and work on your recovery."

Joe Smith.png

Joe Smith

"I hope this place stays around for a long time, so it can help more people in need. For it has truly saved my life."


chester thomas

"This place has helped me save my life, because of a mentally safe and psychical safe environment. People here are working on their recovery. A nice home to live in, and staff cares about everyone’s progress by helping people to achieve their true potential."



joseph moon

"This place has helped me in many ways. It’s a safe environment allowing me to work on my recovery. This place helps me to maintain my mental health to better my life. We have a family environment and the staff helps provide a therapeutic community so people can grow. It has taught me to think in a positive manner about all situations in my life. The environment helps me maintain my illness management. That helps to achieve what I want to accomplish in my life."