our staff

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what our staff provides...

Constant communication and trust with residents:
A vital aspect of how we operate is the relation between staff and residents. The staff earns each residents trust so they can best help with their recovery.

Promotion of proper recovery:
Staff members make sure residents are receiving proper services to help recover, and make sure their recovery plan is being followed.

Helping residents develop:
Staff members help residents develop six general relationship skills: communication, honesty, assertiveness, interpersonal sensitivity, compassion, and empathy.

Maintaining a physically/psychologically safe community:
Staff members make sure house rules are followed and the community is friendly. If issues arise staff provides the necessary intervention.

Our staff follows through with tasks and promises, and they help residents become more accountable as well. This stability progresses recovery and creates trust amongst residents and staff.

Encouraging residents to thrive:
Staff encourages residents to take control of their lives. Whether it be through pursuit of education, a job, or hobbies, they are pushed to pursue the things they enjoy doing.

Helping residents become role-models:
Staff members encourage and motivate residents to achieve their personal best. To accomplish this goal the staff teaches the importance of teamwork, respect, and strong work ethic. Through these efforts residents become the role-models to all those who have struggled like they have.