About Buckner's Place

A decade ago our founder, Laurie Buckner, saw the need for safe, affordable housing for persons dealing with severe mental health issues.

Laurie was serving as a Registered Nurse in a grant funded position, working with the under-served population in the city of Indianapolis.

As the grant that funded her position was ending, Laurie became increasingly aware that people in Indianapolis who were dealing with co-occurring disorders did not have the support that they needed in order to recover. With the closure of Central State, one of Indianapolis' largest state hospitals, the need became critical.

Another factor that impacted Laurie’s decision to begin her ministry of care to persons dealing with mental health issues, was the diagnosis of her younger brother. 



Laurie's brother was fortunate to have support from his mother and siblings, and the opportunity to recover at home. Most people with a dual diagnosis do not have such support in a home setting; a factor that greatly impacts recovery.

Rather than give in to despair over her job loss and her brother's diagnoses, Laurie began researching how she could help this underserved population in Indianapolis. Her research and the need that she saw a professional nurse, as well as a family member, led Laurie to open first one, then several recovery homes.

Since its inception in 2006, Buckner’s Place has successfully worked with hundreds of individuals dealing with co-occurring disorders.


our services


We work with our residents to teach proper budgeting tools to enable the greatest chance for financial stability. 


We work with our residents in a group environment to enable them to gain perspective from other residents.


We work with each resident on an individual basis to mentor and counsel; to work through issues a resident is experiencing.


We teach each resident on proper hygiene and self-care techniques to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle.  













Never give up on someone with a mental illness.

When I is replaced by We, illness becomes wellness.